Installation & Get Running

It boils down to a few simple steps:

  • download the latest release starkit from Latest versions are deployed as starkits only, older versions as source
  • if you don’t have Tcl already, get and install ActiveTcl. 8.5 or 8.6 is fine.
    • Once upon a time ActiveTcl used to be distributed with a “batteries included” style, which means that a whole lot of useful extensions were bundled. Sadly this is not the case anymore, instead we have the gift (and headaches) with teacup. To get to somewhat similar as the batteries included, run “teacup update” from a command line. This will fetch almost everything that is avaliable.
  • Run the downloaded starkit with tclsh8.6 or wish8.6.
    • Windows users can right-click the starkit, select “open”, then browse to the Tcl/bin directory and select wish86.exe. This will open the application
  • Alternately, get sdx.kit from, or a newer version from and unwrap the release starkit (read the page at above to see how that works). In the unzipped release directory you can run the main.tcl file with wish or tclsh, and you can also have a look at the sources

If the dependencies were all included, it would be possible to run Tloona with a Tclkit. But since it depends on many, also binary extensions this would be much work, also for maintenance. And it would result in a huge starkit, from which you only need a very small part. Since I want it to be as platform independent as possible and at the same time need to minimize my workload, running with ActiveTcl is the best option for now.

However, having an independent set of dependencies from which you know that they work, has it’s charm… If you don’t have to maintain that ;-)