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Release 1.4.5 is out

Just one day after, I need to make another release… Used Tloona today for a small project at work and found some bugs in the new deployment features. So here we have 1.4.5. Nothing new, but a little polish. Most important, the deployment can only be used with Tcl 8.6… with 8.5 it seems that vfs is outdated (and I love the new try … / on … / finally … command!). At the same time I removed 1.4.3 from the download site, you are encouraged to update to 1.4.5 for the bugfixes.

At the same time I found out that the ActiveTcl installation on my ancient MacBook pro was horribly broken, and that I cannot get Tloona to work with wish8.6 from ActiveTcl (tclsh8.6 works). This is only on OSX as it seems, for me Lion. On windows it works with ActiveTcl. On the OSX box however, I get an error when trying to call “wish8.6 Tloona/main.tcl”:

tailcall cannot find the right splicing spot: should not happen!
/usr/local/bin/wish8.6: line 2: 13355 Abort trap: 6           “$(dirname $0)/../../../Library/Frameworks/Tk.framework/Versions/8.6/Resources/” “$@”

Hm, no idea and no time to dig into that. My guess is that it is related to itk4 or itcl4, which both have caused me trouble already last year. These trouble was solved by a package require -exact Itcl 3.4 / Itk 3.4, but maybe I should give 4.0 another try. Somewhen, somewhere…

Any help is appreciated.

Release 1.4.3 is out

This is a bugfix and small enhancements. The version number is stored in a global variable tloona_version in the REPL interpreter. Deployment is easier now via mouse click on the project. If you have written a ReleaseNotes.txt file, which is in a special format, Application Name and version are extracted and presented as default values for deploymen in the form


The version is also what you get in the REPL.

From now on, releases are deployed as starkits only (which is doubtlessly related to the “right-click deploy” thingy in Tloona itself ;-)). You can run the application with ActiveTcl as usual, since this distribution has starkit capabilities. It will not run with a tclkit I guess, because quite a few dependencies are not included in the starkit. However it is possible to extract the starkit with sdx and run the pure main.tcl script as usual.